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Self Help Groups

PGHR is not affiliated or have specific ties in any way to the Fellowships below. As a matter of Unity we share them so that people can find their own starting point for recovery. Our members may be part of any of these fellowships or none of them but because they are focused on recovery we list them below.  Before attending any meetings online please read our simple statement here

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous –

Narcotics Anonymous –


Eating Addictions

Food Addicts Anonymous –

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous –

Overeaters Anonymous –

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous –

Compulsive Eaters Anonymous –

Eating Disorders Anonymous –

Overeaters Anonymous –


For the Family

Al-Anon/Alateen –

Adult Children of Alcoholics –

Nar-Anon –

Families Anonymous –

Parents Anonymous –

Co-Anon/ Cocaine Anonymous –

Co-Dependents Anonymous –


Other Anonymous Fellowships

Cocaine Anonymous –

Gamblers Anonymous –

Dual Recovery Anonymous –

Emotional Health Anonymous – Emotional Health Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous –

Nicotine Anonymous –

All Addictions Anonymous –

Chemically Dependent Anonymous –

Crystal Meth Anonymous –

Dual Diagnosis Anonymous –

Heroin Anonymous –

Marijuana Anonymous –

Methadone Anonymous –

Pills Anonymous –

Prescription Anonymous –

Recoveries Anonymous –

Bettors Anonymous –

Bloggers Anonymous –

Clutterers Anonymous –

Emotions Anonymous –

Gamblers Anonymous –

Hepatitis C Anonymous –

HIV AIDS Anonymous –

Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous –

Procrastinators Anonymous –

Recovering Couples Anonymous –

Schizophrenics Anonymous –

Self Mutilators Anonymous –

Spenders Anonymous –

Survivors of Incest Anonymous –

Workaholics Anonymous –


Sex and Love Addictions

Love Addicts Anonymous –

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous –

Sex Addicts Anonymous –

Sexaholics Anonymous –

Sexual Compulsive Anonymous –

Sexual Recovery Anonymous –

Newer Self Help Organizations


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