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PGHR Connecting Worldwide

PGHR Connects: Beginnings of Growth

In late 2011 a vision started with concern for those who might be less than able or unable to go to the live meetings but as the history demonstrated it became more.  As hope grew and groups broke away to do things as they wanted, we stayed focused. In 2018 and 2019 there were some 'learning curves' but from them the vision grew and matured. Then came the surprises! The biggest is the connection that has been made around the world. 


In 2018, less than 4 months after starting the journey on Facebook, the connection covered every Continent and at least 50 countries. As this continued some broke away and did things different in some ways but others continued to connect and despite personalities continued to find the path forward. Some places of significance to this growing fellowship include: England, Wales, Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, Philippines, France, Italy, Malta, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya and so many more that the list would keep going for so long that it might become overwhelming.

In 2019 one such place became the catalyst for a first in PGHR history. While the fellowship began and continues to be one of virtual connection, PGHR built a relationship with one person who will be sharing his story below.  The PGHR event of historic nature come in the form of live meetings which started with Jajah Shayo who lives in Kenya. His determination and hope for a better life is what has given birth to Live meetings in Kenya and many of the surrounding countries in East Africa.  The determination of one person willing to share by example what recovery could make possible has become a joy for all who hear this story.

PGHR: Kenya/ East Africa

My name is Jajah Shayo and am a compulsive gambler. My chosen bet was football bets. It had to stop or I would loss everything. It did, with my higher power. 2019 I was alone, so I thought. I tried to reach out to our government, the kenyan government through Betting control and licensing board (BCLB) to no avail. Then I heard about GA, on 21st May 2019 I met Andre H., a G.A board member who helped me start up the first G.A meeting in Kenya by sending me the G.A startup package. Then came PGHR. My family and home in my recovery journey. Over years. People all over Kenya have reached out. We have formed a community in Kenya for recovery addict

The Beginnings!

Because of the Hope and determination of Jajah the live meetings have begun! With permission, the picture of a new beginning can be seen here!

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