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People Growing Hope & Recovery
A Unity of Purpose Starting With unity of focus:

Start where you are and go where Recovery Leads.
12 steps: 12 Traditions and Hope

Before Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the program existed and it has existed since the beginning of time. What began to happen with respect to “recovery” as a relationship was becoming more divided. AA began out of the beliefs of The Oxford Group. Despite the focus on a relationship with a power greater than self, personalities create segments and today there are many different fellowships for recovery. Recovery as relationship became specific to AA, NA, OA, GA and the list goes on. Some kept the “Anonymous” portion and others went back into a “Religion” focus. In reality, the foundation is the same and yet the personal ‘specialties’ came out. Recovery became divided into separate communities. PGHR is born out of that environment but as is stated in their mission and vision (below), PGHR believes that unity brings hope which brings recovery in a strong way.
PGHR Mission & Vision
Mission statement
Our mission is to bring recovery to those who are suffering from addiction by uniting people, sharing hope, growing community, and connecting between fellowships of recovery.
Vision statement
While each fellowship and organization is unique, PGHR has a vision where all addictions work together in unity of purpose and focus to achieve a stronger community of recovery

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